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As an Artist to me this is everything I could ever hope for in my career because I could lose the money and materialistic things in the blink of an eye and as most of you know that did happen to me before and not only that tomorrow is promised to no one and if it was my time to go I would have no regrets and I find so much comfort in knowing my kids would see constant reminders of their Dad thru my designs and its my hope that it would inspire them to work hard and chase their dreams without making the mistakes I made. Hugest Mahalos to @prideofgypsies and @kala_dacaptain for always fighting the good fight for Hawaii and using your platform to help spread awareness. ✊🏾 #maunakea #hawaiiankingdom #designabetterfuture #jasonmomoa #fightthegoodfight #westillhere #wedemkoaz #farmersmarkethawaii #brokenhardened