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Archive date: Sun, 26 Dec 2021 00:01:57 GMT

For those asking, unfortunately yes, Taylour Paige and Adam Senn will not be a part of #HitTheFloor for S4. No one loves Dersha and Zude more than I do so trust me when I say I feel your pain. I care too much about these relationships to recast. I also respect the contributions of Taylour and Adam too much to see anyone else in the roles. Please know the following: 1. Derek and Jude are in my protective care. S4 will be huge turning points for them. 2. The Devil Girls will not be without big-time star power. 3. I care too much about LGBT storylines for them not to continue to be a big part of the show. That's just who we are. 4. I am through-the-roof excited for S4. The returning cast is a dream team, with some infamous OG cast still to be announced 😈... along with some brand new series regulars who'll rock your unmentionables off. 5. BET has been so amazing. 6. You ain't seen nuthin' yet.