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What I love about being a dad is summed up into “everything”. But what I love being a dad specifically to these 4 is: (left to right) Lennon (little girl) that she’s an absolute spit fire and she forces me to always be in my toes Hunter-I wish I saw people more like he does. Always finding their good. He forces me to think outside of my comfort zone both as a Dad and a man Noah-Wish I had his pure heart to help. Always wanting to help, and I love that that is something that isn’t taught to him, but he is teaching to me. Madden-he takes me to places I could never take myself. His creative mind forces me to think outside my box and he makes me be get out of my “jock mindset” Also love/thankful I got to be a Dad because of their mom @torlovsky3 @allprodad #APDMVP