Video Troubleshooting

Slow Seeking/Slow to Play Video

Some of the video files are huge and seeking just takes some time, along with just starting the video in the first plce. If you clicked here because of that, the solution is just to wait for about 30 seconds max. If the video play box doesn't show up at all, look below for the next steps...

Recommended Video Players

Unfortunately, some browsers can not play all of the codecs that we archived our videos in (eg: the Chrome packaged in the official Fedora repos). Also, some browsers have no support for the video tag (or you disabled it). If that is the case for you, in order to play these clips, you will have download the video and play it.

First, try downloading the video and seeing if it works with your system player (Windows Video, Quicktime, GNOME video/XFCE's Parole). That way, you won't have to download yet another program. If it doesn't work, then try the following options. All options below should work great and are open source. You may have one of these players downloaded already as your preferred system one:

GUI (Graphical User Interface)-based players

If you are not very tech savvy and don't know how to use the command line these are good options.

Command line based players

If you can wade your away around the command line these are all great options.