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Sharing this in the hope it helps someone even just a little bit. My alopecia has got progressively worse over the course of this challenging year. I guess I've lost about a quarter of my hair now. Some days I'm totally fine with it some days it pisses me right off. I've never been vain but I winch now when a gust of wind lifts the "lid" to reveal my baldy scalp. I'm incredibly lucky in that I can still completely hide it ( if I'm not standing in a wind tunnel obvs). Big thank you to @kingjojo77 for being the best and kindest hairdresser anyone could ask for. Somedays I cheer myself up by shouting "Bastard Traitors" at the hair that's jumped ship and disappears down the plughole... I've just started a course of Prednisolone steroids in an attempt to kick start some growth. Interesting side effects include being hyper yet sad, sick yet hungry and constant headache...other than that peachy. Be interested if anyone else has had experience of using them for alopecia. I'm hoping for pigtails by Christmas ...but I would be happy with a goatee to be honest. Big shout out and love to my fellow baldies. Drafty innit. Own it! #alopecia #alopeciaawareness #bald #hair #talkaboutit #talkaboutmentalhealth #needabeanie @brushbrighton