Date uploaded: 2024-05-09 17:57:15

Voting Election Officer Ghatkopar 170 Ghatkopar constituency, the officer who performed on the election day of Ghatkopar Constituency, unnecessarily trouble and bullying the publicYesterday night both my daughter and her friend Haya were coming home from Ghatkopar Ramesh Arvind Jayakar and his 3 co-officers were checking my daughter’s car, there was a box with promotional material in the car why did they put it in the boss laa car and the bill of materials in the box The officer stubborn to give and the girl said that I don’t have the bill yet, it contains publicity material but Ramesh Arvind Jayekar and his team called the police car at 1am and took the girl to the police station at 1am.Police station at night Ill woman no take me I requested that election officer to come but they listen to me n my daughter n car n daughter n my daughter friend bring all police station laaOur senior leaders also called the police station and requested the election officers but those officers did not hear anythingThe vehicle had only promotional round material but for no reason Palos station laa materials were done at night timeThis officer should ask if it is correct for 3 hours to sit in the police station at 1am and her girlfriend It is wrong that these kind of things will happen along with all theseMy opinion is that this officer should be curvy. Let us know your opinion and share this video as much as you can. Please Dear Government taken action in this.