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Unconventional love. What a beautiful, unexpected blessing. Isaiah 55 says "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways." When I first fell in love with Jo I immediately worried about what people would think of me. Typical, as Chris would have said. I've always cared a little too much what others thought. I worried about whether people would question the love I had for Chris, whether they would think it was too soon or that I was desperate to be loved or taken care of or provided for and therefore was rushing into the first relationship after my spouse passed away. Here's the honest truth: God's timing is perfect. And this is ALL God. I know this because I have spent countless hours in prayer over what would come of Jo and I, and he has as well, along with his parents, my Carney family and my family in Texas. All of this came to be because of the leading of the Holy Spirit. The beauty of love is that God IS LOVE. When He dwells within you it pours out into all aspects of your life and this one poured out quickly and more beautifully than I ever could have dreamed. For me, that's a great thing because I'm not the one in control. God's ways are higher than mine and I praise Him for it. I'm completely undeserving of being loved by someone like Jo. I'm flawed, imperfect, emotional, independent, worrisome, sensitive, like to have a plan and be in control....the list goes on and on. But this love, THIS beautiful, unconventional testimony of love blows all of that out of the water. I haven't been in control, I've simply ridden the wave of what God has for me. I haven't needed all the answers. I haven't seen most of this coming. And guess what...that's exactly where God gets to use me the most. I am so humbled by the way Jo loves me. He is kind, tender hearted, fun, passionate, not self-seeking, gentle, patient, forgiving, trusting, as close to perfect as it gets. He listens when I speak, he lets me cry about Chris on his shoulder, he cares for my children with such a deep love, he w