Date uploaded: 2024-04-02 18:13:57

The Solar Eclipse provides a unique opportunity to do a black swan event because the dumb masses wouldn't see it coming yet, all of the signs are there, the biggest being, calling in the National Guard. The National Guard in the HISTORY of its life, gets called in AFTER a disaster, not BEFORE something happens. Wake tf up ppl. How blind can you be. Get the Solar Conference video and watch it. I gave you VALUABLE info in there. Your government has declared war on you and you're too blind to see it. Is Russia poisoning their ppls food and water? No. GMOs are banned in most of the world, and here, in supposedly the #1 country in the world, our food and water is making us all sick. And niqqas still running round here talking about "GO USA!" SAD AF... #Solareclipse #news