Date uploaded: 2023-08-07 01:52:26

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! This is what having demons in control of legislation looks like! This is what the church staying out of politics looks like! AND GAVIN NEWSOM SIGNED THIS INTO LAW IN 2020!!! 👉 Love @victormarx’s comment. Is CA better off now regarding children, grooming of them, the thousands now suffering the affects of hormones, blockers, mutilation surgeries and mental or spiritual health making them more venerable to the gay, trans, drag Queen community since this bill SB-146 was signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020 that left the decision whether individuals convicted of particular sex crimes involving minors must register as sex offenders to the discretion of the court. Now look back and see how far the grooming and direct attacks on our children and youth have come with the pushing of acceptable abuse on children. !. The extreme gay rights trans activist knew that compromising and normalizing gay sex with youth and convincing children they have the freedom to choose what sex they want to be was part of the plan. Now parents can loose custody of their child who chooses to transition if they don't support them. We must stop acting and accepting this agenda that continues to push for children's rights to identify as these crazy endless genders which have led to dangerous hormone blockers and mutilated children and youth wanting to be trans! It's all 100 % out of God's plan”